Character Interview Twenty-Four Diana – Bellator Fantasy

As part of the Bellator Promotion I am pleased to welcome character Diana to my blog.

Name (s): Diana.  I never give my family’s name to those who don’t know it already.

Age: I am a woman, but I do not know my exact age.  I left my family to train with my master when I was around 18, but the years have blended some since then due to the nature of my training.

Please tell us a little about yourself.   I live in the woods, I love the trees and mountains and the wind.  I love my knife.  It is a part of me.

Describe your appearance in 10 words or less.  Tall, my hair matches the tree branches, fair skinned.

Do you have a moral code? If so what is it?  If you carry evil in your heart, I will seek you out.  I will make you disappear, before you realise I am there.  That is my ‘moral code.’

Would you kill for those you love? Yes.

Would you die for those you love? Of course.

What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?  My strengths involve the ability to kill when necessary.  I’m fast, and a rather good huntress.  My weakness….*looks down at the ground* is that I cannot bear to be around people, even those I love for a particularly long time.  I depend upon solitude and secrecy.  The best way I can show love to those I care for is to destroy any evil that threatens them.

Do you have any relationships you prize above others? Why? One of my brothers…*heavy silence*….and my sister.  We are connected by blood, and they always showed me love, accepted me for what I am.  Not everyone is so lucky with their blood relations.  Sometimes those ties turn out to mean little.

Do you like animals? Do you have any pets/animal companions?  I do like innocent animals, I respect all creatures.  I rely on animals in the wild for some of my nourishment.  I do not have any animal companions.
Do you have a family? Tell us about them. *silent but visible sigh* Yes.  I mentioned before.  I have parents.  My father is an honorable man.  My mother is a good woman who, did the best she could for all of us.  I have a beautiful, loving little sister and a very honorable, strong brother – only one year apart from me in age.  I…have another sibling.  But for many reasons, I do not wish to discuss him now.  *jaw clenches, eyes glaze and she strokes the hilt of her knife*

Can you remember something from your childhood which influences your behaviour? How do you think it influences you?  Many things.  But I suppose my siblings inspired in me the desire to protect.  My father and brother let me hunt with them. Because of my speed, and sense of smell, I was allowed to go ahead.  I made sure there were never any large predators that would threaten them.  They are both big, capable males but I will look out for them where they cannot look out for themselves.   And my loving sister with her warm spirit, *eyes fill up as she looks away to regain composure* how could I not desire a life entirely devoted to ensuring her safety?

Do you have any phobias?  No.  There are things I find unpleasant, and I do not wish for pain.  But I will let nothing stand in my way of doing what I must.

Please give us an interesting and unusual fact about yourself.  *Barely there smirk* If I sensed you had invited unholy ones to reside within you?  I would destroy your very soul with my bare hands.

Tell Us About Your World

Please give us a little information about the world in which you live.   My world is…beautiful.  I know of small villages like the one I grew up in, where we live by farming and  some hunting.  The villages are in the flat land between the mountains and the forest. There have always been warriors, for protection, though…until lately there hasn’t been quite as great of a need for their services. I love the woods of course, that is where I live – for protection.  But I do love standing alone in the vast open tall grass field that exists between the mountain, forest, and the village.  It makes me feel free and connected to all things.

Does your world have religion or other spiritual beliefs? If so do you follow one of them? Please describe (briefly) how this affects your behaviour.   I suppose you could say we believe in good and evil, and quite simply – we embrace one or the other. There is a higher, benevolent Power, but that gigantic entity does not step in and sort every little problem.  There is a Netherworld King and he has many servants.  I suppose, for me…ultimately passion is power.  How passionate you are determines how far you would go to be good…or evil.

Do you travel in the course of your adventures? If so where?  Of course, I travel mainly in the woods and the outskirts that lead to other villages.  I scour the moutain sides.  I will go to any little nooks and crannies where evil thinks it can hide.

Name and describe a food from your world.  *smiles* I do love my mother’s chicken roasted with butter.  *then smile fades*. But where I am, I find wild birds suitable for roasting.  The meat is juicy and pleasant enough.

Does your world have magic? If so how is it viewed in your world?  It does have magic.  My world is…or was…very innocent.  Most know that magic exists, but to see those who can wield aspects of it…it does not always make for a contented community.  *puts her head down again* it is part of the reason I had to leave.  Not all people can do what I can, and I did not wish to call any unnecessary attention to my family.

What form of politics is dominant in your world? (Democracy, Theocracy, Meritocracy, Monarchy, Kakistocracy etc.)  Politics?  I suppose this ‘Meritocracy’ is the closest to what we have.  In the villages, those who are best at leading, at dealing with people, those who possess intelligence, and sometimes retired great warriors, like my father, those are the ones who have a stronger voice in the communities.   At the moment…’goodness’ is valued….

Does your world have different races of people? If so do they get on with one another?  Races?  Different family histories you mean?  Different shades of flesh?  Yes, there are.  But I don’t see why that would make people not get on…*pauses for a longer period of time*.  What makes us, ‘not get on’ in our world involves those who are willing to conjure entities in order to gain power.  *clenches jaw and fists again*…someone who holds the same blood that runs through your veins can ‘not get on’…*swallows and looks up* yet I suppose a stranger could share warmth from their own heart.

Name a couple of myths and legends particular to your culture/people.  When I was a child, my father, he told me about a group of ‘warrior witches’ who lived in the forest.  They never stayed together, never in the same place.  But they were aware of all forms of existence within their world.  They knew darkness so well, what it tasted like, smelled like and so forth that they recognised it and could overpower even the strongest of entities.   Because, they had been so close to evil…there was no way for it to hide from them.  They didn’t fear it.   My master…Master Aaron.  Frederick, he is my brother *sublte but proud smile*.  He told me how Master Aaron lost part of his arm, and came to walk with a limp by taking his sword against the Netherworld King without fear.  No one knows how old Master Aaron is,  but Frederick says that he fears nothing, he desires no power or glory despite constant temptation to rule all. He lived in seclusion…until he came to train me.  It was an honour to be chosen by him.

What is the technology level for your world/place of residence? What item would you not be able to live without? Technology?  *confused look*  We have…tools and make good use of water.  My mother’s stove was wonderful at cooking chicken.   But for me, I could not be without my knife.

Does your world have any supernatural/mystical beings? Please tell us about some.   *stills completely* We have demons, different levels of mischevious entities.  I’ve mentioned the Netherworld King.

Within your civilisation what do you think is the most important discovery/invention?
 At the moment, the most important ‘discovery’ is that someone is conjuring spirits, seeking the one from below to enter the souls and hearts of others. There is a sorcerer who desires great power.  I am hunting everywhere for evidence of him.  

Name three persons of influence/renown within your society and tell why they are influential (Could be someone like Christ/Mandela/Queen Elizabeth or a renowned figure from a non-human/fantasy world.) 
Master Aaron.  He is very special because even though it is known he has, ‘abilities’ he is allowed to live in peace.  He was a great, fearless warrior who would stand up against the most loathesome of enemies simply to protect the goodness in our world.  Few warriors can lay claim to his level of bravery and skill.

My father:  He is a humble man, but a great one and he was a great warrior in his time.  He is very large, rather like a bear.  He is terrifying, but full of warmth and love. *smiling again* I’m not sure who Frederick will be more like – Master Aaron or my father.  But my father is respected for his quiet wisdom in our village.  But he is devoted to my mother, to his children.  He has fit into whatever roles necessary to benefit his family, to be a good part of his community.  I’ve never seen any decent person look at him with anything but respect.  I will always honor him by protecting what he loves in the best way I can.

The warrior witches:  I do not know their names, but I know they are there.   They are the unknown,silent force that the evil ones fear.   To me, they are influential and renowned.  Though I never see them, it is the closest thing to constant companionship I know.  Because I know…I know I am one of them.


Author notes:

Book(s) in which this character appears plus links.  Diana appears in a short story entitled ‘With Our Own Blood’ in the Bellator anthology.

Author name Jessica Nicholls

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