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Welcome to Kira R. Tregoning

Where are you from and where do you live now? Born and raised in Maryland! I still happily live there.

Please tell us a little about your writing – for example genre, title, etc. I write mainly fantasy novels. They tend to fall under general fantasy or contemporary fantasy. I’m kicking around a sort of sci-fi novel idea, but it hasn’t gone very far yet. I’m also looking for an idea for a fantasy serial to post through my website or Wattpad so I could post chapter by chapter for fun, but I don’t have a good idea yet! My first book was Rise of the Aligerai and my latest is A Shadowed Soul, both part of the Aligerai series. I’m about halfway through the first draft of the third book and am working on two other novels as well.

Do you have a character you dislike? If so why? Owen. When I first thought him up, I liked him a lot. But as I wrote his character in the story, he just turned into this jerk and by the time I was done, his role was completely different than I originally planned and he was a totally different character. Now I really don’t like him!

Research can be important in world-building, how much do you need to do for your books? Do you enjoy this aspect of creating a novel and what are your favourite resources? I do a fairly significant amount. I recently spent an 8-hour train ride doing nothing but Internet research on herbs, medieval poisons, and medieval medical treatments for a story. Since many of my books are in a medieval-like era, I try to do as much research as I can to make sure my world is accurate to what people in that time would have experienced. Sometimes I enjoy it because I learn a lot of new things, and other times I get frustrated because I can’t find what I’m looking for!

In what formats are your books available? (E-books, print, large print audio) Are you intending to expand these and if not, what is the reason? Currently only in e-book on Amazon and Smashwords. I plan to release a third book in e-book format and release my first two books in paperback later this year. I’m just waiting to decide if I want to redo the cover art for the first book and get it done if I decide it’s necessary.

Do you self-edit? If so why is that the case? Do you believe a book suffers without being professionally edited? Yes, I do, but only because I’m trained and have worked as an editor. I know what to look for and what to do. If I didn’t have that experience, I wouldn’t dream of editing things myself. That being said, I still find proofreaders and beta readers invaluable. Once I’ve looked at something too many times, I can’t catch small errors or inconsistencies. I think that’s true for anyone, whether they self-edit or not.

Do you think indie/self-published authors are viewed differently to traditionally published authors? Why do you think this might be? Yes, I definitely think indie authors are still viewed differently. It’s starting to change now that people are seeing there are quality books being produced by indie and self-pub authors, but I think there’s still a stigma there of if an author is self-publishing, it’s because they couldn’t hack it with a traditional publisher and so are not good enough. I’ve had people first congratulate me on publishing, then when they find out I’m self-published they kind of get this look on their face of “Oh, she’s self-published.” To me, a story is a story. If it’s told well, why should it matter whether it was self-published or traditionally published?

Do you read work by self-published authors? Yes, absolutely! I’ve found a number of good books by indie authors, many as good as or better than traditionally published works. I also promote and sometimes review self-published authors and their books on my blog, Fantastical Reads.

Most authors like to read, what have you recently finished reading? Did you enjoy it? Right now I’m participating in a read-a-thon on Tumblr/Goodreads. We’re reading through the Tortall universe books by Tamora Pierce. I read these as a kid and they were some of my favourites, so I’m having a good time with the read-a-thon.

Do you have any pets? I do! A cat named Mama-Sita. She and her litter of kittens were rescued by a friend. They were found outside abandoned. Sadly, only one of the kittens survived from the litter. But Mama-Sita happily lives inside with me now and tries to help when I write.

Can you give us a silly fact about yourself? I dye my hair purple. And not just a little purple, like tips or bangs, no no, it’s most of my hair. And I would do it again but I’m about to be in two weddings and I’m pretty sure the brides would not like it if I had purple hair . . .

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Twitter– @KiraTregoning

Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/kiratregoning

Rise of the Aligerai on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rise-of-the-Aligerai-ebook/dp/B00ANTA7Z6

A Shadowed Soul on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Shadowed-Soul-The-Aligerai-Book-ebook/dp/B00KQPYGHM