Sunday Surprise

Here’s an interview with my good friend Laurel A Rockefeller, she has an attention to detail not often found and a meticulous world- building skill.

Barbara G.Tarn - writer

My name is Brenda de Zorig and I’m a journalist for the Konigtown Gazette. I’ve been on the road for years as an actress in an itinerant company, but eventually decided to go back to my hometown to start living of the thing I like the most – writing. So while I write my Masterpiece, I took this job at the Gazette and they send me on various assignments… I thought I might as well starting interviewing random people. Since I intend to write fiction, but truth is always stranger than fiction, I’m eager to hear about people out there – on my world or beyond.

Aristocratic_Lady_15th_b1899sdLet’s see who we have here today… she looks like a lady to me! Hello, there! Tell me something about yourself.

My name is Catherine de Valois. I was born October 27th, 1401 at the Hotel Saint-Pol in Paris to King…

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