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Magic, Dragons, and Other Fantastical Reads


A.L. Butcher (Alexandra) is a British author of fantasy and fantasy romance, whose work has been described as ‘gritty’ and ‘lyrical’.  Aside from writing she is an avid reader, animal lover, and amateur historian.

Website: https://libraryoferana.wordpress.com/


cover artThe Shining Citadel (The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles series, Book 2)

Who rules in this game of intrigue where magic is forbidden and elves enslaved? Journey where beliefs shatter like glass, truth is unwelcome and monsters from ancient times abound: share the romance and revenge, magic and passion, and the wages of greed in a world of darkest fantasy.

Available as an e-book in all the Amazon Stores, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony, and the Smashwords associate stores.

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cover artBellator: An Anthology of Warriors of Space and Magic

Science Fiction and Fantasy, two genres that are both unalike and inextricably entwined, stretching the imagination to…

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