Robin Williams was a very talented man, he made us laugh and he made us cry. I recall watching Dead Poets Society pretty much every few weeks for several years, curled up on the sofa with my best friend Susie. I cried at that film, I cried at Bicentennial Man and I laughed at Mrs Doubtfire and the Birdcage.

Depression affects many people, including myself. It can be debilitating, it can be heartbreaking, and it can kill. Mental illness still carries a stigma but with the amount of people who suffer it shouldn’t. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to the great and good, those whose external lives seem blessed, and it happens to the poor and lowly.

When anyone takes their own life it is a loss to the world, and it is easy to pass judgement. Please don’t. It is impossible to know what was going on in that person’s head to bring them to such a decision. Depression can bring such a black cloud that other, perhaps more rational thought is bypassed. To loose a man such as Mr Williams is a tragedy indeed, but we must remember his legacy – his immense talent and kindness and perhaps even his death will bring depression greater recognition and thus greater understanding.