Haven’t read this Heroes in Hell yet but as I hosted Hell Week and it is near the top of my reading list I thought to share this lovely review. Congrats all involved with this shared universe. The original and best.

J.P. Wilder

The stories in this shared-world anthology were exquisitely unique, and filled with all the things I love.

PoetsWhen I first heard this title, I thought, what could possibly be dramatic or thrilling or frightening about poets in hell? I mean really? I had images of Sylvia Plath chasing someone down Hell’s new London streets with a hatchet, or Billy Collins reciting his famed contemporary poetry to me to a hellish backdrop filled with imps and succubi, until I fling myself headlong off the Santa Monica Pier.  But, I respect so many of the authors that contributed to this work that I figured I had to take a read.

I was not disappointed. I should have known.

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