Returning Author Juliet B Madison – Thriller/Crime Best Served Cold Blog Tour

I’d like to welcome back author Juliet B Madison as part of the Best Served Cold Blog Tour

Please recap briefly about your books:

I have written five UK based Police procedural novels and 2 volumes of novellas about my detective creation DI Frank Lyle. The novels already published are Second Chances, Heir to Misfortune, Unholy Alliance, Murder in the Wings and Best served Cold, which was released this week after being available for pre-order since August.. The books are set in the 1980s and early 1990s when forensic science wasn’t advanced as today and people actually talked to each other without computers, ipads and cell phones.

Give us a bit of information about your primary character(s).

DI Frank Lyle is five months short of his fiftieth birthday at the beginning of the latest release, Best Served Cold.  He is dedicated to truth and getting justice for those with no voice. He is a devoted father and family man and even gets on well with his ex wife, Sarah, these days. In the last book Frank’s adult son, James, came out and is a relationship with one his father’s junior officers, DS Thomas Fox. Frank and his current wife, Jayseera, are very supportive of James & Thomas’ relationship.

Sort these into order of importance: Great characters; great world-building; solid plot; technically perfect. Can you explain why you chose this order? (Yes I know they all are important…)

In terms of crime fiction I believe a solid plot MUST come first. Great characters second because if you can’t like and believe in the detective solving the case then your readers will lose interest. You also have to portray interesting criminal types to keep the reader guessing. In terms of police procedurals you have to be technically and forensically accurate, for example there would be a real faux pas in describing DNA analysis in a crime novel set in the 1960s. World building, well I have developed the fictional city of Ashbeck over the course of the novels and if you’re writing in a series you can build. If you’re writing a stand-alone then world building would be higher on the list. so my order goes Solid plot, great characters, technically perfect and great world-building.

Do you self-edit? If so why is that the case? Do you believe a book suffers without being professionally edited?

My good friend, Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie, edits my work for nothing because I can’t afford professional editing services. I have seen glaring errors in some traditionally published books as all writers and editors are fallible. I don’t know where I’d be without Katrina to be honest because she spots so many things I miss.

Do you think indie/self-published authors are viewed differently to traditionally published authors? Why do you think this might be?

Yeah, people tend to look down their snotty noses at Indie/self published authors, but anyone waiting to be snapped up by the so called Big 5 will have a long wait. Just because Indie’s don’t get 6 figure advances, in house publicity teams and 20 book contracts doesn’t mean we write less well. The Fifty Shades of Shit oops I mean grey trilogy is proof that traditional publishers don’t always know poor quality when they read it. And just don’t let me get started on Kobogate…

Do you read work by self-published authors?

Apart from the odd Agatha Christie or Peter Robinson I rarely read much else. My favourite Indie writers include John Holt, Gerry McCullough, Tricia Drammeh, David Menon, Tom Winton, Kristen Stone and Malika Gandhi.

What aspect of writing do you least enjoy? Why might this be?

The blurb is probably the worst bit as it’s a fine line between enticing the reader and giving too much away.

What are your best marketing/networking tips? What are your worst?

Be visible on social media, start your own Facebook pages about your characters or series, interview other authors on your blog. Have eye catching cover designs. My friend, John Holt (author of the brilliant Tom Kendall Private Detective series)  has designed all the DI Frank Lyle Mystery series covers. People who don’t help out others by sharing and tweeting their work can be hard to contend with as it should be a two-way street. It can be hard, but try not let bad reviews drag you down and keep moaning about them, okay so the reviewer probably only read the free sample, it’s their loss so move on. I don’t think I have any worst tips.

When buying a book do you read the reviews?

No, because they’re just one person’s opinion. I go by the product description, if I like the sound of the book from that I buy it.

Can you name your worst job? Do you think you learned anything from the position that you now use in your writing?

Yes, my current office cleaning job. Well I base descriptions of untidy people’s residences on the crap I have to clean up on a week nightly basis but you just can’t learn from a job that kills about 6,000 brain cells a minute due to acute lack of mental stimulation.

What are your plans for the future? When will we see your next book?  Tell us about it.

I have made a start on the next full length DI Lyle book Dead on Arrival, which should be out in the late spring. I am also working on a DI Lyle novella, A Murder-free Christmas, which will be available to pre-order from mid November. I’m also working to promote Best served Cold. This is the blurb.

.. DI Lyle is about to get a glimpse into the murky world of political activism and hate crime; the murder of a prominent city councillor is just the tip of the iceberg.

The city of Ashbeck is on high alert when news breaks that convicted triple murderer and paedophile Bob Kenyon has escaped from custody.

Can DI Lyle and his team get to the bottom of this murky mess before another atrocity occurs?

You can buy Best Served Cold

You can catch up with Juliet B Madison


Twitter @JulietBMadison

Facebook      There are a number of DI Lyle related pages on Facebook but here is a small selection.

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