A fine review for Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles – Book I

The Northern Scribe

A story of passion and power!

The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles

In an unjust world where elves are enslaved and abused, hope arrives in the form of the indomitable elf mage named Dii’Athella. Fleeing her life as a slave, Dii risks all for the chance at freedom. As she struggles with life as a fugitive, she discovers a power within that is much greater than she ever could have ever imagined.

A.L. Butcher’s first book in the Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles is a compelling tale of a young elfin woman who recognizes her own worth and musters the strength and courage to free herself of a life of oppression and abuse. Not only is she a character of exceptional strength and fortitude, but she is exceptionally caring and selfless. For instance, amidst her flight from captivity, she risks her newfound freedom by using her forbidden magic to help others.

Butcher has developed characters that…

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