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Beneath the CanyonsSeptember was all about finishing the first major revision of Daughter of the Wildings and working on the second revision of book 1, Beneath the Canyons. So far it’s going well; I’m using a modified version of Holly Lisle’s Seven-Day Crash Revision to fix what needs to be fixed and get it fixed fast. I should finish this revision on Tuesday (the 7th), then it’s on to the last few editing rounds to fine-tune the writing and fix up mistakes. After that it’s time to format and release the book! I’m hoping to be able to release a new book in the series about every two months. If my current pace holds, that should be doable.

The official release date for Beneath the Canyons is November 10, though, barring any unforeseen problems, it could be as soon as the end of October. I’ve made the decision to put Beneath…

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