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We have another interview for you today! Jim Vuksic’s novel Levels is about a boy named Jonathan, who is living in a dystopian world where he is put through a series of levels, each completion advancing him upwards in society. As his primary education comes to a close, and Jonathan gets closer to the highest level, he begins to learn truths about this world that he never thought possible. As his perceptions change, so do the reader’s. Read our recent chat with the author!


1. Please tell us a little about “Levels” and the world inside of it. What inspired you to write such an ingriguing book?

“Levels” is a post-apocalyptic novel, depicting the end-result of a social experiment, conducted by a group of dedicated men and women, to eliminate all of the institutions, philosophies, and bad behavior in general, which they believed contributed to the downfall of previous societies.

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