An interesting guest post by author Laurel Rockefeller, about writing history.

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Today my guest is author historian Laurel Rockefeller. I was intrigued when I “met” Laurel via email and she told me about her book. I was curious why she wrote about women in history. While it is a fascinating topic, I haven’t had any authors in that genre coming my way.  So I was thrilled when Laurel said she would talk about it in her guest post. Read on!

March is Women’s History Month in the United States, a time when we reflect upon the achievements of women across world history and look to them as the role models they are.

So imagine my surprise this March when I conducted an informal poll asking people to name as many women as they could from world history, less than 5% of those asked could name five, let alone ten women from world history, including Queen Elizabeth I, reigning Queen Elizabeth II, or…

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