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In the mood for a good romance novel? Melissa Veracruz’s YA novel “Absolutely” is about gorgeous Ashlyn Ramos and quiet Kiel Fuller, who each have separate demons to deal with, yet cross the same path. Literally. Kiel knows the rumors about Ashlyn’s fall into the realm of unpopularity, and Ashlyn can’t help but notice Kiel’s blaring iPod. How will they survive a tough year… together? For ages 13+.

Ever wonder what it takes to write a novel like this? Read our interview with none other than the author herself!


1. Please tell us a little about your book. What inspired you to write this book?
Absolutely is a novel about a girl named Ashlyn Ramos living in a small town who’s life goes from top of the world to bottom over the summer. She finds herself making new friends, being bullied, and opens her eyes to love. I won’t say this autobiographical, because it’s not, but…

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