A great idea – two characters chatting over coffee.

Olga Godim writing

The Inter-Literary Fantasy Cafe is always full. It’s a meeting place for characters from different fantasy novels, created by different writers. A hobbit can meet a werewolf here. A dragon can chat with a vampire. A fairy and an elf can have cake together. They often gossip about their worlds and (uh-uh) their authors.
That was where a character from Legacy of Mist and Shadow by Diana Wicker, Arwyn, met with Eriale, the protagonist of my novel Almost Adept. After ordering coffee and pastries, they talked.
Legacy of Mist and ShadowArwyn: Tell me about magic, Eriale. How does it work in your story? You’re a mage, right? What can you do with your magic?

Eriale: Well, in my story, magic is energy. As to what I can do with it—anything that can be done without it. For example, if you want to carry a heavy load to the other side…

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