Character Interview Number Twenty – Arywn of Heron – Fantasy/YA

The Guardian Child’s Return

Tell Us About Yourself

Name: Mistress Arwyn of Heron, apprentice scholar.

Age: 15

  • Please tell us a little about yourself. I am Mistress Arwyn of Heron, youngest daughter of Lord Tiernan and Lady Lei.  I am a grower; that’s plant magic.  Growing up there was sort of the expectation that I would likely marry well and have a lovely farm, grow lots of food, have lots of kids, that sort of thing.  But after my sister’s big adventure, and the Guardians returned I started reading all that I could find about the Guardians.  I am apprenticed to the scholars now, learning to be a scribe. There’s so much to learn about the history of Feyron that they don’t teach us in summer academy.  It’s all very exciting.
  • Describe your appearance in 10 words or less. Long, wavy coppery-chestnut hair, chocolate brown eyes, dainty and petite.
  • Do you have a family? Tell us about them. What a funny question.  I guess I’m used to everyone knowing who my family is.  My father is Lord Tiernan of Heron, and we are unicorn-children.  We have creation magic. My mother is Lady Lei of Phania, and she was a scholar’s apprentice in her youth.  I guess you could say I’m following in her footsteps.

My older brother, Nye, will be the next lord of the clan when father is ready to step aside for his life of leisure, but I don’t expect that will be for quite some time to come.  My older sister, Aideen, is the Dreamweaver, the representative of the Guardians to the Court of Clans, as well as the hope for the future of two clans.  You see, her husband Nolan is the last descendant of clan Tyrel, the true sorcerers, and the healers of clan Vidya.

The newest member of our family is the guardian-child, Shyamal, son of Lady Kali. Aideen says he was just a little black water serpent when she found him in the Stoney Deep, but his mother gifted the form of a little black puppy before they returned from their adventure.  He’s been my constant companion almost since he arrived, but believe me, just because he spends most of his time racing about getting into this and that like a mischivous toddler does not mean he’s a pet.  I wouldn’t ever think of guardian-children as pets, even if they do look like animals.  But, they are definitely great friends.

  • Would you kill for those you love? Kill…oh my!  No, I…I don’t think I could ever kill at all.  That’s just so far from my gift of creation magic.  I don’t know how hunters and animal keepers can look something in the eye and take its life away.  I have respect for that ability, for I appreciate the food I eat, but I don’t think that I could take anything’s life.
  • Would you die for those you love? Would I die for those I love?  Hmm.  Before I went on my quest for Lord Grypos and actually faced danger for myself, I think I would have been just as confused by this question as I am by the last one.  But now…

*sighs heavily*

Now I know that such choices sometimes happen, especially if you are traveling outside of the Fertile Plains.  I hope if such a situation happens again, and it is my magics that can make the difference, that I will be brave enough to do so.

  • Please give us an interesting and unusual fact about yourself. Well, I was paired with an earth-child in my early years, for planting day.  Growers, earth-children, and water-children work together to plant the fields.  Our folks sort of expected we would have our second lives together, but I decided to join the scholars.  I don’t know how interesting that is, but it is sort of unusual to not follow a recommended pairing that has been set up.

Tell Us About Your World

  • Please give us a little information about the world in which you live. Feyron is the realm of magic.  This is where all magic originated.  In the beginning of days, the Children of Tomorrow traveled the River of Life to the different Worlds Beyond, and that is how the clans of magic were founded.

Magic in Feyron is as natural as eating or breathing, although I understand on some Worlds Beyond it has been seen as unnatural or even dangerous.  I cannot understand how any people could not see the many helpful uses of magic.  Oh, I guess that answers your question about magic in our world.


  • Does your world have religion or other spiritual beliefs? If so do you follow one of them? Please describe (briefly) how this affects your behaviour. Religion, I have heard of this term from the Worlds Beyond, but we have no such thing here.  As for spiritual beliefs, we know that our essence moves on to the Beyond when our time is done.  The light of Feyron guides those of the Faie, while the daughters of the mists guide the Nimisa along the sacred path to the Beyond.
  • Does your world have any supernatural/mystical beings? Please tell us about some. Mystical beings?  As in, from the Realm of Mists?  All of the beings of magic on all worlds came from Feyron.  The creatures of the wild magics are from the mists, and the daughters of the mists are from the mists.  I already mentioned them.  They are the Keepers of the Sacred Path, sphynxes, and they guide the light within each person to the Beyond when they have passed.
  • Name and describe a food from your world. The most amazing food I have ever found was a little tree, lost and forgotten in the desert.  With help from a friend, I was able to awaken it.  The fruit from that tree was so sweet, and it was magical!  It was a tree of regeneration, and the fruit was healing. Sadly, the tree was destroyed in an accident, but luckily I had saved a seed from a piece of fruit Shya had eaten.

*softly strokes the knotted scarf about her neck*

  • Does your world have different races of people? If so do they get on with one another? I’m not sure I understand this question.  There are the Faie, the people of magic, and the Nimisa, those from the Worlds Beyond who are not Faie.  On Worlds Beyond I understand the Nimisa are often hostile and violent, but there are no such problems here.
  • Name a couple of myths and legends particular to your culture/people. Well, since I’ve talked about the Children of Tomorrow and the clans of Faie, why don’t I tell you the Beginning Tale?

The Tree of Life

A soft, tinkling music filled the air, blending with the sound of the waterfall as it flowed over the crystal columns of the mountain on its way down from the snow covered peaks above.  The great tree stood, as it always had, in the shadow of the waterfall beside the Sacred Pool in the hidden meadow, a gentle sprinkling of pink petals perpetually falling over the milky waters.  Floating on the water beneath the tree, the delicate petals swirled on the eddies eventually following the currents below the surface.

Dark as the depths she traveled from, her black tresses glistened blue in the morning light as they trailed through the grass behind her.  Wearing the form of Lady Kali, she crossed the soft emerald grass slowly, approaching the great tree with reverence. Wrapping her arms about the trunk, she crooned softly as she pressed herself against the smooth bark of the tree.  A host of brightly colored fairies began to appear, fluttering up from the flowers scattered throughout the meadow.  They sang as they circled about her, and she sighed as she released the tree and knelt in the grass beside it.

In one hand she held a sliver of obsidian, with the other she held the train of her hair. Slowly she cut half an arms length from the bottom of her hair and gently scattered the strands over the milky water.  As the black strands floated, mingling with the pink petals, they began first to swell and then to wiggle.  Little black water serpents formed, a single fin colored in the blues and greens of the depths running the length of their backs ending in a long, flowing fan at the end of their tail.  They played and danced together in the Sacred Pool, happily nibbling on the petals.

Leaning in close to the water she whispered, her tone soft and reassuring, “Children of Tomorrow, born of Feyron, follow the currents, find your true homes.  There are many Sacred Pools, you simply have to find your place.”

Little by little the serpents swam away towards the waterfall and the deep currents until only a handful remained.  “So be it then, your life begins here.  I will summon a Guardian for you, and then I will see to the others.”

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