Other winter festivals.


Superb Fairy-Wren (Malurus Cyaneus) Drui-en, King of the Birds, the Wren.

We all love Christmas! For the religious, it celebrates the important Christian event of the birth of Jesus. If you are not religious, like me, it’s a time for giving, for getting together with family and friends, for feasting, watching movies, playing games, and generally having fun. We need this respite, as winter tightens its dismal icy grip about us.

Our ancestors needed it even more than we do. For them, winter was harsh and bleak, a time of hardship, and a struggle for survival. The return of summer’s warmth and plenty was not, for them, guaranteed.

But then something remarkable happened beneath that cruel, cold wing of seemingly eternal shade. The Winter Solstice was the turning point upon which their fortunes hinged. Light triumphed over darkness as the days lengthened and the nights grew shorter. The sun was growing stronger in the…

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