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Nicky Peacock - Author

LBTS Book ITell us about your publishing journey…

Hi and thanks for the interview. I’m primarily a dark fantasy author but I’ve also written horror, poetry, short stories and general fantasy.  I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember – I was usually the one writing for the school display. I never really thought it would go beyond that, if I am honest.  The first novel sprung from something I’d written for an RPG, which was adapted and expanded. I’ve run and planned role play games for a while, including a vampire based on, and have folders of adventures, which might get adapted. OK yes I am a geek…. The recent horror stories – which feature in Tales from Darker Places – came from a ‘Jack the Ripper’ story I’d written for something else. I read a lot of true crime and that particular set of murders I find…

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