I know some of my followers might have been involved with charity anthologies – can anyone offer advice?

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Received this email from Author Kevin Morris who is blind and has a guide dog Trigger…


Hi Chris,

As you know I am in the process of pulling together a charity anthology to raise money for The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association.

Prior to publishing I want to establish a means of getting the money directly from Amazon to Guide Dogs (I.E. without it passing through my bank account).

I am liaising with Guide Dogs but am still awaiting their response.

I was wondering whether you could kindly put something out on your blog asking that anyone who has done a charity anthology please contact me at:Β 

newauthoronline (at) gmail (dot) com

I am keen to get the anthology out ASAP, however I want to avoid tax complications hence my preference for the funds going directly to the charity.

Many thanks and kind regards,




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