Kiss and Tales 2 – From the Indie Collaboration

I’m not directly involved with this free anthology from the Indie Collaboration, but I have agreed to promote it.


Kiss and Tales 2: A Romantic Collection by The Indie Collaboration. Book 8! Available in Print & Kindle on Amazon, Free on Smashwords.

Stories and poetry in this collection by Kristina M Jacobs (Author), Chris Raven (Author), Alan Hardy (Author), Greatest Poet Alive (Author),Kottyn Campbell (Author), Margene Wiese-Baier (Author), Margaret Wiese (Author), Madhu Kalyan Mattaparthi (Author), Ailene Openiano Giray(Author).

Cool trivia about BOOK 8 Kiss and Tales 2: A Romantic Collection from The Indie Collaboration:

#1 – Book 8 featured 5 poems from Margaret Wiese who passed away in 1985, donated to us by one of her daughters. They were not published during her lifetime. She lived before the days of computers and Createspace so those were scanned in from original typewritten pages! They were written in the 1950s and 1960s and timeless as if they’d been written just yesterday.

#2 – Madhu Kalyan Mattaparthi & Ailene Openiano Giray are in love. Their love poetry was submitted as a surprise for Valentine’s day for Ailene. That makes Ailene an honorary member of The Indie Collaboration. Very sweet & romantic!

#3 – Kristina Jacobs story “Cedar Falls” was the beginning of a first attempt to write a romance – written longhand in a notebook circa 2011 – and never touched again! It found new life as a short story in Kiss and Tales 2

#4 – The book was originally intended to be titled Kiss and Tales 2: Another Romantic Collection…but since I didn’t catch the cover title difference until today, Kiss and Tales 2: A Romantic Collection it is!!

#5 – This is the first collection where we’ve included Indie art – with two paintings by artist, writer, poet & pastor Margene Wiese-Baier. She submitted a painting of two eagles to go with her poem, “Marriage” and a painting of purple flowers to go with her poem, “Would You Just Let Me Love You”

#6 – G.P. A. Greatest Poet Alive contributed poetry & his alter ego James Gordon gave us his story of middle school love, “Maria.”

#7 – Kristina Jacobs poem “Windows to the Soul” is an acrostic poem.

#8 – One of the things we love about The Indie Collaboration is that our authors live all over the world! In book 8 we’ve got authors in the US, UK & India, but each book is different depending on who in The Indie Collaboration decides to contribute!

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