Review – Being Max’s Mom – Rebecca Miller

Being Max’s Mom – Rebecca Miller

5 stars!

#Biography, #autism #specialchild

This is not usually the sort of book I’d read, but it was recommended by a friend. I’m so glad I picked it up. I read the whole thing in a few hours – I seem to recall looking at the clock and it was 2 am when I finished.

Max Miller is a young man whose life has been filled with challenges, even from before he came into the world.  In a world largely against Max and his courageous and determined mother, Rebecca, knew there was a fight to be fought, and my god was it fought.

Max is autistic – branded ‘unteachable and unreachable’ his mother was advised to send him to an institution. Instead her love, a hell of a lot of support, work and sacrifice have resulted in a boy who is not only ‘a good egg’ but a writer, and advocate for autism and the organiser of an arts project. Not bad for a child written off by doctors, family, and society. Ms Miller herself continues to study, to work and to fight and her intelligence and her love show through on every page.

Ms Miller’s language is easy to follow – in many ways this book is a diary of their lives – and the reader can truly relate to a mother fighting to get her son educated and accepted. Never does she say ‘why us?’ but she is realistic.  There is no bitterness here, sadness perhaps, but no not bitterness.  Ms Miller has done her research and her views are apparent but never does she say I think you should do this – the book provides the experiences of a parent raising a disabled child – but is not a ‘how to’. Autism is complex, misunderstood and no two cases present the same.  This book is an insight into a world, little understood and widely shunned. Read this  it will open your eyes and your heart.

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