Guest Post – Erin McGowan and Kindle Scout

Some of you may have heard of Kindle Scout, I have but not in much detail. Today I welcome Erin McGowan, who has her book Mage Awakening in the programme and she’s here to talk about the process.

Over to you Erin.



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Mage awakening

Kindle Scout


The Kindle Scout program benefits Kindle publishing, authors, and readers.  An author submits an unpublished book to the Scout program for thirty days of public viewing, during that time the author can promote the book any way he or she chooses.  Readers can save the book for later or nominate it if they are interested in that book based on the cover, title, blurb, summary, and sample of the book.  The sample is around 5,000 words, and usually shows the reader around three or four chapters.  There is also an author bio, and the author can choose to answer some questions, mainly about reading, writing, and their book.

Kindle Scout shows the author daily stats on page views and how many hours a day the book was on the Hot and Trending list, but not how many nominations the book has.  Those reports are updated once a day around 5:30 in the morning.  At the end of the thirty day campaign the Kindle Scout team has up to fifteen days to decide if they will award a five year contract to the author for that book.  If the book is picked up by Kindle the author receives a $1,500 advance, and has the promotional power of Kindle backing that book.  A lot of authors hear back from Kindle after 48 hours, but there are some instances where the wait is longer.

Personally, I have found the people at Kindle Scout to be very nice, professional, and accommodating.  The campaign requires more promotion than I was expecting, and I think that I would have been in a better position if I were a more established author, but this has been a great learning opportunity and has given me a chance to reach more potential readers.

My book, “The Mage: Awakening” is about a thirteen-year-old girl who discovers her magical powers when she is four.  Her disastrous home life turns unbearable, and she uses her talent for channeling emotions right before she runs away from home.  A fully trained mage tracker, Cadence, feels her use that talent and tracks her down.  He informs her that she is a mage and can go to school to learn more magic and develop more facets of her magical talent.  Her new school is in the in Faerie realm, and Katrina quickly makes friends with other mage students and Fae students, alike.  Katrina has a lot on her plate, juggling her old family, a new family, friends, school, and a new romance, when accidents start happening to the Fae students.  People start questioning whether the accidents are all that accidental, or if someone has an agenda to make the Fae pay.


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