Step into the twilight zone…

A great interview with Joe Bonadonna, fellow Heroika author


…and meet author Joe Bonadonna, the master of heroic fantasy, a lover of Captain Blood and Greek mythology, and a force behind many hellish stories in Heroes in Hell series!

10270438_868090946582158_5334768555320528089_nJoe Bonadonna has written the heroic fantasy novel, Mad Shadows: The Weird Tales of Dorgo the Dowser, published by iUniverse; a sword and sorcery pirate adventure called Waters of Darkness (with David C. Smith), published by Damnation Books; and the space opera, Three Against The Stars, published by Airship 27 Productions. He’s also written stories for several anthologies, including: Azieran: Artifacts and Relics, published by Heathen Oracle; Griots: Sisters of the Spear, published by MVmedia; and Sinbad: The New Voyages, Vol. 4, published by Airship 27 Productions. For Perseid Press, Joe has stories appearing in Poets in Hell, Heroika: Dragon Eaters, and Doctors in Hell, and has just finished a novella for the next volume…

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