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Murders and Mysteries, People and Plots: A Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire Miscellany


3.5 stars

I found this local history book when I was looking for something else. As I was born in Buckinghamshire it appealed to me.

The author is/was a vicar and this showed throughout the book. There was a bias towards the religious personages and buildings of the area, and although interesting enough some wider accounts would have been nice.  The author knows his stuff and has obviously spent time researching the areas but all the accounts are pretty short, and sometimes a couple lumped in together, which gets rather confusing.

There were a few odd grammatical features – which began to get on my nerves after a while – mostly capitalisation where none was needed. Perhaps it was a style choice for the author, but it did throw me out of the accounts somewhat.  That said the book was nicely laid out, with a reasonable mix of illustrations and prose and could be easily dipped into.

None of the accounts was especially detailed, but there were quite a few and these provided enough information to whet the appetite and leave the reader wanting to know that region of England better.

Overall I’d say a good first insight into the local history of this English counties.