Review – The Forty Minute War – Sci-fi/Thriller

The Forty Minute War

Janet and Chris Morris.


Although first written in the mid 1980s, and set during the height of the Cold War the Forty Minute War could be set anytime from the advent of the atomic bomb to the present day.  The enemies may have changed but warfare, and its terrible consequences has not. Right from the get-go the action is intense, enthralling, but at the same time heart breaking. This is a story of human folly, human stubbornness, and human desperation. It’s also a story of human courage. Expect a high death count, expect tears and disbelief, expect emotion. The reader quickly gets attached to the characters – especially Marc and Chris, but also Marc’s ops team. They are all skilled in the field but also flawed – they are above all people desperately trying to right a wrong and save what remains of the world even though they know it will likely mean their death.  I admit I shed more than one tear during the read and ended up really wanting to know what happened next. Without wanting to give any spoilers the ending is a surprise but leave questions unanswered. Questions such as if not then, when is it going to happen?

As usual Janet and Chris Morris create a world that is so real, and characters which become friends (or enemies).  Well researched and superbly written the novel takes the reader to the darkest place of the human soul, and then back again with a frighteningly believable plot. There are elements of dark humour, of love against impossible odds, of daring to hope when hope is gone. Aside from being a breath taking adventure it’s a story about the unquenchable human spirit to survive.

Most definitely 5 stars – I couldn’t put this down.

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