Character Interview Number Thirty Seven – Sir Edric

Tell Us About Yourself


Name(s) Sir Edric Greenlock, the Hero of Hornska


Age Forty-one


Describe your appearance in 10 words or less. Bearded magnificence.


Do you have a moral code? If so what is it? Morality’s just a self-righteous way of rationalising one’s whims. I aspire to reach the end of each day wealthier, happier and, most importantly, alive.


Would you kill for those you love? That is quite a short list, to be honest. But, yes, of course. If I had to save someone whose life I cherished (mine, for example) then I’d definitely kill someone who was threatening that important individual.


Would you die for those you love? One suspects not. There’s a vast yawning chasm between love and stupidity.


What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses? My strengths? Well… I did save the entire world from Ursk at the Battle of Hornska. So, heroism, leadership, modesty, cunning, martial prowess and being saviour of the world. My prime weakness would be that I was forced into marriage with a wicked witch. It’s damned inconvenient having to run away whenever the wife’s within a hundred mile radius.


Do you have any relationships you prize above others? Why? Yes, with Temper, and my other horses. They’re magnificent animals, far more reliable than men, and more trustworthy than women. A horse will never tell your secrets to someone else. I suppose Dog’s an acceptable manservant, and I quite like Corkwell (though I’d like her more if she weren’t so fond of manacles).


Do you like animals? Do you have any pets/animal companions? Absolutely. Pigs, sheep, deer, cows, they’re all delicious. In terms of companions, there’s Temper, Twenty-Six, Hamilton’s Trousers, Winterfilth, Moloch, Churl, Humpy and many other horses. A man cannot have too many trusty steeds.


Do you have any phobias? Not many. Uxoriphobia (fear of the wife) would be one. Also, manual labour. And poverty (though, fortunately, I am immensely rich).


Please give us an interesting and unusual fact about yourself. I’m currently having an affair with the Queen of Awyndel.


Tell Us About Your World
Do you travel in the course of your adventures? If so where? Yes, to many places. I’ve visited the Tower of Uz-Talrak in Ursk territory, Greymond’s rather scruffy lands, the Forest of Bones and the abandoned ruins of Nyctipos. They’re crammed with marvellous treasures and assorted monsters (magical pygmies, undead, poor people etc).


Name and describe a food from your world. Andelic brandy. Splendid fiery stuff with a real kick. Damned expensive, but that’s what smugglers are for.


Does your world have magic? If so how is it viewed in your world? Sadly, yes. The pretentious pointy-ears and a few circles of jerks practice the arcane arts. Well, so they say. Most of their time is spent reading, mincing about in robes and fondling their wands.


Does your world have different races of people? If so do they get on with one another?Yes, we have the Ursk. Some of them are quite nice. Orff No-Balsac is a friend of mine (he does kill and eat people, but most of them are only peasants). Unfortunately, the world is infested with a plague of elves (they breed like rats and live forever). There are gnomes too, though they live quite far away.


What is the technology level for your world/place of residence? What item would you not be able to live without? We’re very advanced. Most towns now have a reasonably accurate clock, and water mills are increasingly popular.

I’d be dead without my crossbow. The fixation some knights have on their swords baffles me. You can kill someone far away with a crossbow, or shoot birds for dinner. That’s far superior to a sharpened piece of metal. Do you have any idea how close you have to get to poke someone with your sword?


Within your civilisation what do you think is the most important discovery/invention?Wine, I should think. Without it, we’d be chained to Soberon, God of Tedium, and imagine how boring life would be. Wine dulls the pain and invigorates the joy.



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The Adventures of Sir Edric

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Thaddeus White
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