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Welcome Amanda Byrd


Where are you from and where do you live now? I’m from Pennsylvania and now live in the state northerners vacation in, Florida


Please tell us a little about your writing – for example genre, title, etc. I write what I call non-fiction “real talk”.  There’s quite a few “bad words” in my book(s), but they’re just words to me.


Where do you find inspiration? Real life experiences


Do you have a favourite character? If so why? There are no characters in my books, but I do have a favourite fantasy character.  Drizzt Do’Urden.  He’s so profound, and that profundity comes from the wonderful creator of him, R. A. Salvatore


Are your characters based on real people? They’re not exactly characters in the sense of character.  I’ve used titles like “said co-worker” and such.


Have you ever used a person you don’t/didn’t like as a character then killed them off? If I ever write fiction, I’m sure I will J


Is there a message conveyed within your writing?  Do you feel this is important in a book? My message is simple: being an adult is not fun.  I write experiences and lessons learned and hope my readers can learn from those mistakes I’ve made or build off of them.


In what formats are your books available? (E-books, print, large print audio) Are you intending to expand these and if not, what is the reason? I go with e-books and paperback publishing.  I am considering audiobook, but the interest hasn’t generated enough yet.


Do you self-edit? If so why is that the case? Do you believe a book suffers without being professionally edited? I do. It’s cheaper and I know what I want my book to look like, whereas a professional editor will try to change the entirety of the book.  Also, I don’t think a book suffers without professional editing, but the ones that are professionally edited…may want to be edited twice.  I’ve recently read some traditionally published books with horrible editing.


Do you think indie/self-published authors are viewed differently to traditionally published authors? Why do you think this might be? I think the acceptance of self-published/indie authors is growing at an exponential rate and people are starting to respect us more because they realize we can sometimes write better books.


Do you read work by self-published authors? I do as a member of an author review site



What are your opinions about authors commenting on reviews? How important are reviews? Reviews are extremely important.  If you have minimal, that greatly lowers your chances of someone buying your book.  As for the author commenting on the reviews, I feel that’s a great way to build reader relationships and exposure.


When buying a book do you read the reviews?  Rarely


What experiences can a book provide that a movie or video game cannot? Use of imagination, which I feel doesn’t happen much in today’s world


What three pieces of advice would you give to new writers?  I’ve really only got one piece of advice, and it’s this: If the urge to write strikes, no matter what you’re in the middle of, STOP AND WRITE! I’ve lost a lot of great material by putting writing off…and it’s not coming back.


What are your best marketing/networking tips? What are your worst?  Facebook ads haven’t really done anything for me.  I did join a local business association, which has really helped with networking.  I’m a firm believer in word of mouth and face-to-face relationship building are the best.


Can you name your favourite traditionally published author? R.A Salvatore

And your favourite indie/self-published author? Don’t have one yet


What are your views on authors offering free books?  I’ve done giveaways and not even gotten reviews for them, so I’m off the giveaway thing for a while.


Do you have a favourite movie? Hannibal


Do you have any pets? Yessir! Cats!


Can you name your worst job? Do you think you learned anything from the position that you now use in your writing? My worst job was the one I had while writing my first book.  I’ve learned a lot about what I don’t ever want again in a job.



Can you give us a silly fact about yourself? I’m just a big kid with an organizational obsession.  I goof off all the time and simply enjoy making people laugh.

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