Vampire Creed – Blog Tour – Interview

Title: Vampire Creed
Author: Rain Grey
Publication Dates: June 1, 2016
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance


Barnaby Blaine Rice was a Vampire born in the depression with a very special power to see who people truly were. After a long, empty existence of witnessing the darkest points of humanity, Blaine happens to encounter a beautiful married woman named Mary Slate. Unable to handle his love for the beautiful human, Blaine accidentally kills another Vampire over her and is put under a serious debt with the Vampire Council.

Blaine reluctantly forces himself to forget the woman and allows her to live her life without his intervention. It wasn’t until 50-years-later that the distant memories of the captivating Mary are brought back to the surface. Blaine has the pleasure to encounter the young Wendy Slate, granddaughter of Mary Slate after a criminal vampire keeps her hostage. Blaine got there in time to stop the criminal, but not to stop the beginning of Wendy’s transition into Vampirism.

As he was forced to sire her into this new world, he discovers that Wendy is the most amazing person he’d ever met. Wendy has to make a life-altering decision as Blaine has to deal with his blooming feelings for a woman who was identical to his first love. This modern love story introduces the most influential turning point of these lover’s lives.

Author Bio
Rain Grey is a psychologist by profession. However, she has been writing books since she was fifteen years old. She loves anything supernatural and her favourite genres are vampire romance and ghost fiction. Her home in England is close to the town of Stratford Upon Avon, where William Shakespeare was born.

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Tell Us About Yourself

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a psychologist by profession and I live in England.

Would you kill for those you love?

No. But I would strive to protect them to the best of my ability.

Do you have any relationships you prize above others? Why

My daughter. She is everything to me.

Do you like animals? Do you have any pets/animal companions?

I love dogs. I used to have a Yorkshire Terrier.

Do you have any phobias?

I’m terrified of heights, snakes and mice.

Tell Us About Your World

Do you travel in the course of your adventures? If so where?

I have travelled extensively to Europe. USA and all Malaysia and Singapore.

Name and describe a food from your world.

The food is the same as our world. But sweet foods such as chocolate and ice cream being big favourites.

What is the technology level for your world/place of residence? What item would you not be able to live without?

It is modern day technology.

Name three persons of influence/renown within your society and tell why they are influential (Could be someone like Christ/Mandela/Queen Elizabeth or a renowned figure from a non-human/fantasy world.)

Gandhi – he is a man of peace

Leonardo DiVinci – a genius polymath

Queen Victoria – one of the most benevolent queens who ever lived.

Creed 3D

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