Here’s my latest interview:)


Today I would like to welcome A. L. Butcher to the blog! She is the author of The Light Beyond the Storm ChroniclesTales of Erana and several short stories.

A L Butcher photo 11. When did you first begin writing?

I learned to write before I went to school…. I guess you mean when did I start writing for pleasure? I’ve always been a writer- I think either you are or you aren’t. Being a good writer, and a published writer is a different kettle of fish. I’ve been writing poems and short stories as long as I can remember. Being bullied at school meant I soon became more comfortable in the company of imaginary friends, the worlds found in the pages of a book and the places in my head. At school I often ended up writing something for the school display, which always amused me as I have awful handwriting.

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