Interesting ideas. I’ve not approached local media stations but I’l tried to do the other two.

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One of the major problems indie authors encounter is knowing how to promote their work. Unfortunately, book promotion is often prohibitively expensive, especially without the help of a big publishing house with deep pockets and the right connections. Nonetheless, it can be done. In fact, there are some clever ways to promote your book for free. One caveat though: these methods may not cost anything in monetary terms, but they do cost a lot in terms of time and effort. However, if you want to see your book out there on people’s shelves (or in their e-readers) all the hard work is definitely worth it.

Many indie authors make the mistake of spamming anyone and everyone they can reach. That’s a terrible strategy. In fact, it’s not even a strategy. It’s a waste of time. It will probably hinder rather than aid your efforts because spam really irritates people…

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