A slightly different style of art to my own – but a great opportunity to get local kids interested in TV and film work.

Local to the Bristol, UK area.

Briz Kidz Blog

Being on a film set is an exciting, creative hub of activity. It can also be a long day. And it can be all of these things, all at the same time. It’s where the magic happens, but it isn’t where the journey starts.


The day starts at the Unit Base. It’s a bit like a communal waiting area – or a campsite. Here you will find all the trucks and trailers needed to facilitate a film production. The Costume and Make-up trucks are parked here along with the artists trailers and the ever important Catering Truck and Dining Bus.

It’s here that the cast and crew are fed, the actors get into costume, hair and make-up, and the day’s plans and schedules are discussed. All before the days filming starts.

For a Supporting Artist, or an SA as they are known, the Unit Base is where they spend the…

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