Boo! Authors – Oz Wainerdi #Halloween #Horror

Who are you?
I am a meat popsicle. Oz Wainerdi, geek stuck in a jock’s body. Raised secretly on a farm to answer the government’s request for a more intelligent football player.  The program went well until I discovered sci-fi and fantasy, throwing off my societal pressures I moved to broaden my own knowledge and entertain those starved for nerdy interaction.
Tell us about your Boo! story:
Well without any spoilers,  a poor lost child running from those who would hurt him seeks refuge in his favourite hiding spot, his stone garden. A cemetery near his house; where he usually waits out the drunken discipline of his step father.  
What else have your written?
Among many dungeons and dragons campaigns for friends I also was the writer and co-creator for
What frightens you the most?
Ending up alone. I was alone a lot as a child, I have issues with anxiety and shyness all my life, add in the fact I was overweight as a child and ridiculed  constantly about my intellect, body, upbringing, and hobbies means I had few friends. Growing up out on the farm also meant I could go days and weeks without seeing another soul. It’s soul crushing. Now I seem to have surrounded myself with friends who are more like family. But I live in the eternal fear I’ll  say or do the wrong thing and be alone, a small fat child standing alone in that field.
Also, clowns. Creepy bastards.
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Yes. But I also have spent time as an amateur ghost hunter with some friends since high school. Many of the things I’ve experienced can be debunked easily there are some like getting my hair pulled at the Menger hotel in San Antonio that defy any other explanation.
What are you reading at the moment?
Deathfire: Into the Ruinstorm by Nick Kyme of the Horus
Heresy series and rereading Fool by Christopher Moore.
If you could meet any living famous person for dinner who would it be and what would you eat?
Kevin Smith, and whatever he wanted so I could thank him for inspiring a generation of overweight nerds to get stuff done.
If you could meet any dead famous person who would be and what would you have to eat?
Robin Williams.  Probably brains? You know those kooky undead celebrity types.
Which book do you see as the most influential in your life?
Smoke from this Altar by Louis L’amour . Its a book of poetry by one of the more rough and tumble man’s man author. I was given books and science supplies and calligraphy sets as a child by my aunts, mother and grandmother “you are the only kid we know who would enjoy these.” This book was one of them. Unsure at first the deliciously macabre “My Three Friends” poem caught my eye and imagination and opened my mind to the possibilities of writing and creativity beyond the scope i was accustomed.
In the zombie apocalypse what would be your weapon of choice with which to defend yourself?
Trident class nuclear submarine.
Or silenced .22 caliber pistol. Either or.
Social media links etc.
@artist_oz on twitter
Ozwainerdi on instagram
Oz Wainerdi on pintrest
Left swipe on tindr

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