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Hi folks. It’s that time again:)

So of you are celebrating Thanksgiving (not me I am a Brit), and Christmas is creeping up once again. Some might be looking forward to the Winter Solstice, or other such festivals.

As it’s getting colder, and the nights are longer I’m offering paperbacks and Smashwords copies of my books at a discount.

The vouchers for the paperbacks are redeemable via CREATESPACE but if you prefer to buy on Amazon all the books should be in Matchbook (see below).

The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles – Book I


Discount code 483GN24U for $1.25 off.  Buy the book for full price on Amazon and get the e-book free.

Smashwords Now $1.50 only until 31 December 2016

coupon code HP58K 

The Shining Citadel 


Or buy the paperback on Amazon and get the e-book for 99c.

Discount code Z76D4BBF for $1.99 off.

Smashwords Now only $1.50 until 31st December 2016 coupon code VD83K 


The Stolen Tower


Or buy the book for full price on Amazon and get the e-book for 99c

Code YCXXG9K2 to get 25% off.


Code ZN44H to get the book for $1.50 until 31st December 2016.



The Kitchen Imps and Other Dark Tales 


if you buy for full price on Amazon the e-book is free.

Discount code TQ8RNGFL for 10% off the Createspace copy.


Look out for more over the next few days.