Who’s Who on a Film Set? Part 1

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untitled-copyBehind the Scenes of ‘We Can Be Heroes’,  filmed in Bristol

As an SA (Supporting Artist) there are key crewmembers that you will meet during your day on a film set. The AD (Assistant Director), Make-up and Costume personnel are the main departments that you will work with, but there will be other people who you will come across.

If you were thinking that they would be the Director and Main Artists, well, you’d be wrong. The director will have no interaction with SAs as his focus will be on the main actors, the scene, telling the story and a whole host of other, technical aspects of making the film. Likewise, the Main Artists will also be similarly focused on their roles, lines and directions.

To help you better understand the roles of the crew that you will come across, we have given you an idea of the job roles of the…

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