Book Spotlight – Reckless Traveler – Walter Rhein

Reckless Traveler – By Walter Rhein #Travel #adventure #memoir #Perseidpress


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Reckless Traveler:

‘Reckless Traveler’ is part travel writing, part humor, part tour guide and part memoir. It began as a collection of anecdotes about expat life that the author used to tell whenever he returned home from his travels, and grew into a narrative of personal growth. Every now and then it’s valuable for a person to hit the pause button on their life and assess their choices and progress up until that point, especially if they’ve been making some radical decisions. To sell everything you own and move to Lima, Peru certainly qualifies as a radical decision. ‘Reckless Traveler’ is a novel for anyone who finds themselves disenchanted with following the status quo. If you are a young person, or you’re young at heart, and you are faced with an imminent future of debt from student loans, or a life of drudgery in a job you despise, pick up this novel for a glimpse of an alternate history. There are some who would have you believe it’s reckless to set off on a journey with nothing but a back-pack and a spring in your step. Walter Rhein’s personal experience will assure you that if you have the courage to take the leap, you’ll return renewed and enriched.


Guest Post:

I’m coming off of a very good month of writing and exposure. I continue to get emails and messages of support from my “Speaking Spanish in America” article, for which I am very grateful. In addition to that, I have fallen into a very nice rhythm of submitting articles for Silent Sports magazine (I even had a cover image not too long ago).

The writing life is certainly a slog rather than a sprint. I’m turning 42 in February and sometimes I look back and think that I’m about twenty years behind where I should be in terms of literary stature. However, I’m a very stubborn person, and above all I’ve always elected to write what I want, not what necessarily might pay the best.

It’s interesting to assess the articles you see while scrolling through your Facebook feed. Inevitably, one of the trash headlines sucks you in and you spend the next frustrating twenty minutes clicking through a story that’s little more than a framework for pop-up advertisements. The fact that articles like these go viral demonstrates that virality is more often a completely artificial construct than a meritorious response.

As a writer, you get to decide whether you want to play the game of deceit and produce content of little to no value. The alternative is to aspire to create something worthy of the time of your readers, but which is not likely to be widely seen. Even if you do write something that stirs people to the soul and inspires them to share your words, your content will eventually get buried by the clickbait nonsense that people spend large sums of money to promote. The coffers of those entities never seem to run low. Or maybe it’s an illusion and they’re nothing but thin gold plate on a mountain of debt. In any case, the deafening vapid masses will never go away.

I’d begun to suspect that the idealistic notion that quality will find a market was a myth, but then my ‘Spanish’ article went viral. Perhaps that will be the most attention I ever receive for something I’ve created, but at the very least the experience has rejuvenated my enthusiasm to keep writing. I’ll continue to strive to get better, and there are a lot of things I wish to convey so I don’t see the well drying up anytime soon.

For those of you who’ve had the opportunity to read something of mine, please interact with me! Leave a comment, post a review, send me a message on Facebook. The lessons I’ve learned from the responses of my readers have done the most to improve the quality of my content.

Thanks to all of you, and best of luck!

Short Author Bio:

Walter Rhein was raised in Northern Wisconsin and received his degree in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. After graduation, he moved to Lima, Peru. What began as a two week vacation stretched out into a nine year residency in the land of the Incas. Peru was a great destination for an aspiring writer because in 2001, it was extremely inexpensive to live in Lima. Rhein spent his time writing for small publications, translating, working as an editor and as a teacher. In 2009, he returned the US with his wife and currently resides in Chippewa Falls WI. He writes regularly for, and his personal Peru blog He also occasionally sends in an editorial to the local paper. In 2016 his article Speaking Spanish in America was the most read article for the Eau Claire Leader Telegram with 242,000 views.


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