Book Spotlight – Diamond Marked: The Tale of El’Anret – YA/Fantasy


Title: Diamond Marked: The Tale of El’Anret

Author: Melody Klink

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Main character description (short). This book cycles around a mortal named Hazel Leigh Mac Tíre, a Faerie prince named Gideon, and their son, Jack. Leigh is marked to be the Queen of the Faerie world, in which she must usurp a renegade queen– who happens to be Gideon’s sister. Their son, Jack, deals with the fallout and uprising that follows.

Synopsis: Inside a mortal girl lies the heart of the Queen of Diamonds, true ruler over El’Anret, the world of Faerie.

Inside a Half-Human, Half-Fae boy lives the soul of a Stag King, mysterious and powerful creature of legend, capable of transforming worlds… or destroying them.

And neither of them belong.

In a world of myths and monsters, it will take them both to usurp a renegade queen— one who stole the crown and made the whole of El’Anret bend to her will.

The Faerie world will never be the same.

DIAMOND MARKED: The Tale of El’Anret combines the stories of the Faerie and Mortal worlds into a single collection. Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, and King of Diamonds are included in their Author Preferred text editions.

Brief Excerpt 250 words: With a flourish, Gideon crossed a ringed finger over his heart, where the X lingered in the air before evaporating. “I swear to you, Queen of Diamonds, that I did not take torch to your land. However, I did warn you that she would come, and she would fight.”

Her grip on his shirt relaxed. “Lex is already—”

“Fighting? Of course. You haven’t had the displeasure of knowing her very well. She’s… tenacious, to say the least.”

“Why didn’t you stop her?”

“With what? Me and my army? Your Majesty, she has power beyond me. She has… things at her disposal which make her incredibly dangerous.”

Gideon paused, pursing his lips as he looked away. Leigh followed his gaze, looking towards the sun that hazed along the horizon.

“You need to go home. Twilight is coming.”

“Twilight always comes, Gideon, and I have yet to be scared of it.”

As he turned back to her, there was a softness to his eyes—a fear that made them shine, even in the encroaching darkness. “You have never known Twilight as you will before long.”

With a nod, he was gone.

The sounds of nighttime swelled all about Leigh, crickets and creaks and all the little noises that keep you awake at night. She turned back toward the farm, cradling her arms as she walked. The diamonds that shimmered under her fingertips felt like fire—like the same fire that started to rise in her belly.

The fire that would scorch an empire, or be doused by the tides of war.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)? It’s a heart-wrenching tale about love, loss, and the desperate desire to do what’s right, even in the face of grave adversity, and even if you don’t belong. Faeries, monsters, shapeshifters and other worlds adorn every page- Diamond Marked is a fabled journey beyond the barrier of our own world.

Diamond Marked Melody Klink


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