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I’m very pleased to share my news today – my latest release is out in audio. Narrated by Rob Goll – who narrated Warrior’s Curse and Books I and II of Light Beyond.

Currently it’s available on Amazon and Audible but should be arriving on I-tunes soon.

18 rated.

Tales of Erana: Just One Mistake

Coel, the bard, thinks his life has taken a turn for the worst, but he hasn’t met the Thiefmaster yet. An ill-conceived notion of earning more money to pay off his debt and escape a dark past leaves the minstrel in a situation he can’t escape and with a deadly bargain. Will he survive his mistake? Who is this mysterious patron?

Amazon audio http://amzn.to/2sp7Hqk
Amazon.co.uk http://amzn.to/2tikBCW

Tales of Erana: Just One Mistake on Audible.co.uk