Swift Six Character Interview – Keo of the Sword #Fantasy


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Character Name: Keo of the Sword

Which book/world do you live in? The formerly united Kingdom of Lamaira; more specifically, South Lamaira, which is controlled by the Magicians.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? My greatest strength is my loyalty to my friends and my willingness to keep going no matter how hard the going gets.

My greatest weakness is my naivety, because I grew up in a forest largely isolated from the larger world, so there is much about the greater world that I don’t know about.

Name three important people/creatures/institutions in your world (such as lovers, pets, government institutions, leaders, gods etc). The Good King is an important figure in my world, or was, before his death, because he founded the Kingdom of Lamaira and was the one who sealed away the demons who oppressed us.

And, of course, there are the Magicians who rule over my home land of South Lamaira. Unfortunately, they often use their magic to benefit themselves, rather than help the people they rule over.

There is also my childhood friend, Nesma, who is a Magician herself and lives in the capital city of South Lamaira. I have not seen her in over a year since she left our part of the country to become a Magician, but I have urgent news I need to share with her as soon as possible, so I will probably go visit her sometime soon.

What does ‘heroism’ mean to you? Being willing to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

What do you think of your ‘creator’? I think he’s a good man, although I don’t understand why he’s forced me to leave my forest to go on a quest across my country to warn my country’s rulers of the return of the demons. I can only hope he has a larger plan than I am aware of, because I do not feel particularly good about defeating the demons.

Give us your favourite piece of advice: Always show respect to your local Magician. Not only are they a rightful authority over your town or area, but they also know many mystical arts and spells which they can you to make your life hell.

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