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Title:                     Rider, Book One of the Tracker Series

Author:                Diane J Cornwell

Genre:                  Fantasy

Main character description (short).

The main character is Dallas, rider of Swift, a pure bred tracker horse who can manipulate magic energy called ichur, and communicate by sending images to the mind of any human that can see and manipulate ichur.

Dallas can create spells using the magic energy, even though he did not train at the Convane academy, and by law will be brain wiped if he is caught creating spells.


Never admit to seeing ichur, the silvery residue of magic spells. Not if you want to stay under the radar of the Councillors of Convane.

Swift, a pure bred tracker horse who can smell the smallest trace of ichur, can also remove the magic energy from any human or talisman.

Dallas, rider of Swift, knows how to create a spell without leaving residue, even if he is not a trained mage.

Neither Dallas or Swift admit to seeing and using the magic energy. If they did, Dallas would have his ability to see ichur removed, and Swift would be given to an approved mage by order of the council.

A new fantasy series including mages, dragons, tracker horses and more.


Brief Excerpt 250 words:

Dallas stopped Swift outside an adobe brick single story house with a lean-to on the side filled with bales of hay. He guessed the building was over two decades old, because of the different coloured patches of straw covering the roof.

The two foot high woven twig fence had also seen better days, but, even though parts of the fence leaned inwards over weed filled flower beds, it still served the purpose of stopping children or small animals from entering the yard anywhere but on the path at the open gate.

A small framed male dressed in tattered clothes raced out the open front door, followed by a dark haired plump women waving a broom. “Stop! Thief!”

Swift took four paces to the right, and stopped at the end of the dirt path, blocking the male from leaving the yard unless he was prepared to jump over the twig fence. He did not see Swift or Dallas until it was too late, because he was focused on keeping out of reach of the female’s broom.

Dallas raised his staff and cracked the male over the side of his head, just above his ear. The male dropped to the ground and did not move.

Swift lowered his head and sniffed, even though Dallas could not see any silver glow around the now unconscious male.

“Thank you, sir.” The female poked the thief with the straw end of her broom, and when he did not move, she bent down and retrieved a small bunch of feathers from inside his shirt. “Not his!”


Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

If readers love stories of individuals fighting for the rights of all citizens, including mages, dragons, and tracker horses, they will love these stories, which are suitable for readers of all ages.



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Publisher:            https://tiftpublishing.com/books-available/rider/

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