Swift Six – Author Interview – Diane J Cornwell

First Glimpse of Secondary Worlds Fantasy Bundle

Name:  Diane J Cornwell

What attracts you to the genre in which you write?

While writing my stories I do not consider genre, which leaves me free to follow my muse and have fun while writing. I only consider genre after finishing each story, but so far, thankfully, I stick to traditional genre descriptions.

What piece of writing advice do you wish you’d known when you started your writing adventures?

Ignore all advice and just have fun writing each story.

If you could have dinner with any famous person or character who would you choose?

David Attenborough, because I would ask him to do a documentary on dragons, showing them flying, breathing fire, resting on top of high mountains, and many other abilities of the dragons in my Tracker series.

Who has been the greatest influence on your own work?

Anne McCafffrey with her Pern series of dragons, Mercedes Lackey with her Valdemar series, and L. E. Modesett, Jr. with his Recluse series, as well as his Science Fiction stories.

Also, Tara Harper, Terry Goodkind, and many other great authors in different genres.

Do you think the e-book revolution will do away with print?


Which 3 books would you take to a desert island and why?

I would not go to a desert island because the sun would blister my fair skin, but if I landed on a desert island by some freak of nature, I would call for a dragon to fly me back home.

Author bio and book synopsis

Please introduce yourself (250 words or so):

I do not like talking about myself so you can read my About the Author in the back of each story that my publisher wrote.

One thing people might not know about me is that I love all animals, and understand each and every one has an individual personality. And for some reason, animals and birds are not scared of me.

I have ordered magpies out of my back yard because they were scaring my Sussex hens. I told them they could go to my front yard. And they did. I have told many a stray dog to go home when I catch them outside the fence looking at my hens. They all go, eventually, when they realise I will not play with them. Even my resident blue tongue lizard in to my vegetable garden is not scared of me.

So, I live in hope that one day a dragon will land in my front yard, as it is the only space large enough for a dragon to land. I just hope I will hear it talk to me.

Tell us about your book(s) – title, genre etc (short)

Tracker Series – Fantasy

Rider (Novel)

Guard (Novel)

Judge (Novel)

Mage (Novel)


Broken Series – Science Fiction

Broken Faith (Novel)

Broken Land (Novel)

Broken Agreement (Novel)

Fire Starter (Short Story)


Young Adult Books – Science Fiction

Jazz’s Asteroid (Novel)

Machani Diplomat (Novel)


P.I. Robins – Cosy Mystery

Divided Loyalties (Novelette)


Galaxy Freight Series – Science Fiction

Crash Landing (Novelette)

Altien Rescue (Novelette)

Harry’s Detour (Novelette)

Crew Extraction (Novelette)

Evasive Action (Novelette)

Truth Revealed (Novelette)

Galaxy Freight Omnibus Edition


Sensing Danger Series – Science Fiction

Sensing Danger I: Rescue (Novella)

Sensing Danger II: Capture (Novella)

Sensing Danger III: Freedom (Novella)



First Glimpse at Secondary Worlds Bundle


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