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Path of the Traitors Final

Title: Legends of Windemere: Path of the Traitors

Author:  Charles E. Yallowitz

Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy

Main character description (short): This volume of the ‘Legends of Windemere’ series steps away from the main heroes and focuses on one of their oldest enemies.  Queen Trinity of the Chaos Elves has decided to help the champions on the eve of their final battle and take what she feels is the first step toward redemption.  She is a powerful caster and dedicated leader to her people, but she has also done many horrible things in the name of the evil Baron Kernaghan.  Forced to work with other former agents of her master, Trinity must retrain her instincts from that of a deadly assassin to those of a hero.

Synopsis: Hated and distrusted, Queen Trinity must leave the shadows and reach for redemption.

With their final battle on the horizon, the champions are faced with a long-lost piece of the prophecy.  Unable to search for the crests that are rumored to be the key to survival, they must turn to a band of their former enemies for help.  Sinister desires and hopes for redemption collide as Queen Trinity of the Chaos Elves leads the hunt and struggles to keep her companions on the path of heroism.  Monsters, traps, mysteries, and their own pasts will rise up to stand in the way of these people who have spent their entire lives committing sins. Throughout it all, another old enemy is lurking in the shadows and determined to claim her own delicious prize.

By the end of their journey, those who survive will learn that being a hero is more than simply stepping into the light.

Brief Excerpt 250 words: A gurgling causes the two women to pause and look into the pit where the shadows are swirling among the jagged stones. Two black tentacles lance out of the ground and wrap around Yola’s waist, the ooze-dripping projections turning silver at the taste of her magic. Attracted to the stronger energy, the aura syphon yanks the immortal into its slime-covered maw and becomes a metallic beast. With its armored skin, the camouflaged predator is now visible and resembles a sea anemone with the body of a beetle. The jagged rocks are fused to the animal’s exoskeleton and there are six jointed legs that help it scurry out of the pit. Standing over Trinity, the creature opens a faint crease on its body to reveal a bulbous eye with a star-shaped pupil. It pauses to shove a few tentacles into its mouth and hit Yola with pulses of electricity to stop her from struggling. It changes from silver to gold when she attempts to break free, her efforts being quickly drained by the monster.

“Let the crazy woman go before you get killed,” Trinity whispers to the aura syphon. She creates a fireball in the hopes of getting its mouth open, but her spell is ignored. “No reason to have a snack when you have an eternal meal in your belly. Maybe we can have a trade. Can’t believe I’m trying to bargain with this thing. Well, I gave you a chance, so I’m going to blow you up before things get worse. Hope you heard that Yola and are bracing yourself.”

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

‘Path of the Traitors’ is filled with action, humor, and a lot of heart like the previous volumes of this series.  With most of the cast being former villains, you get to see how each one works towards redemption and if they can even reach that goal.



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