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Name: Good evening. I’m Sir Edric Greenlock, also known as the Hero of Hornska.

Which book/world do you live in? I live in the city of Awyndel, mostly (obviously I have my estate in the country and some property in Amphios). Many of my adventures and heroic doings occur in far flung corners of the world, but the latest volume of my biography, cunningly entitled Sir Edric’s Kingdom, mostly takes place in Awyndel.

Tell us about yourself: (Name, race/species, etc.) I hope you’re not suggesting I’ve got any elven blood in me. Look at the roundness of my ears, the beard bristling like a lion’s mane. I’m a pure-blood human and I shall shoot any villain who claims otherwise. More importantly, I’m also a knight, and wealthier than half of Awyndel put together. You can’t buy class, you know. Can’t sell it, either, which is a bit of a shame.

I’m an adventurer – why should I recruit you to accompany me? You don’t recruit me. I recruit you. The only commands I take on the battlefield are from men with golden hats (although, obviously, I’m usually obedient to Corkwell’s commands in the boudoir).

Tell us about your companions? How do they see you? Dog is my trusty manservant, and companion for most of my adventures. I’m quite sure he’s filled with admiration for myself and contentment that a peasant could get to enjoy the exotic travels and daring deeds of a knight. Orff No-Balsac is a close friend. We have mutual respect for one another, despite the fact I massacred most of his countrymen a few decades ago (don’t feel bad, they utterly deserved it), and he has a bad habit of eating humans. But worry not, I have since led him to a gentler path. Now he only eats unimportant people.

What’s your most heroic exploit to date? The Battle of Hornska, saving the entire world of men and elves from enslavement (and enlunchment) to the Ursk. And yet, there are barely a dozen statues to me in Awyndel. Shocking ingratitude.

What’s your greatest failure? Undoubtedly, being cursed by the wicked witch of wedlock. In my defence, my options were to marry Esmerelda or be brutally murdered. And I have managed to evade the crone’s clutches for many a year.

Where do you think you’ll be in a decade? Hard to say. Prince Sarpellon will probably still be trying to murder me, but Lawrence might pop his clogs. Maybe he’ll name me heir to the throne. I don’t think he will, as he’s something of a moron, but it’s possible.

Do you have a great love? (This could be a person/trait/item) Certainly do. My stables. Must have over twenty horses now, of all varieties. Rounceys for baggage, coursers for long journeys, and that mad monster Moloch for when I’m going into battle. I do love horses. More trustworthy than women, more obedient than men. What would a knight be without his horse?

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