Book Spotlight – Dwarves of the World Bundle

#Fantasy #Dwarves 

Title: Dwarves of the World

Edited by: Ellen Michelle

Authors: Pat Flewwelling, Lisa Toohey, Dale Long, Brenda Carre, Clay Greene, Brandon Draga, Nicholas Jennings, Vincent Justin Mitra, and Sherry Peters

Genre: Fantasy

Main character description (short). Every main character is a dwarf. Each story has a different dwarf MC that goes through different adventures.

Synopsis: A collection of stories that celebrates dwarves and dwarf culture. Go on an adventure! Stay at home to eat and drink! Forge an axe! Explore what dwarves do or are meant to do, celebrate that and enjoy the culture.

Brief Excerpt 250 words: This excerpt is from the beginning of Sherry Peters’ story: Mabel the Masterful Dwarf

I rubbed my chin. Where just yesterday I felt only smooth skin, patches of short hairs now grew. I pinched the shaft of one between the nails of my first finger and thumb to measure its length. It had to be a record for overnight growth. If my beard continued to grow this fast it would be thick and full before long.

I grabbed my favorite blue tunic and forced it down over my belly. Going up a size of clothing was always a good sign, but this, combined with the beginnings of a beard, was huge. I should have expected it. After all, I was of age. Still, this was a day my best friend Emma and I had talked about all our lives.

I poked my head out my door and smelled pancakes, sausages, and maple syrup. “Max.” I called down the stairs to the youngest of my brothers.

Max, a year older than me, came to the bottom of the stairs, an overflowing plate in hand. Pork fat dripped into his coal black beard as he munched on a sausage. “What?”

“Can I borrow a tunic? Mine’s too tight.”

“Sure.” He handed me his plate while he went into his room.

I helped myself to a thick pork sausage. I licked my lips, savoring the fat and the hint of maple syrup.


Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

The Dwarves of the World bundle provides 9 fantastic short stories from 9 talented authors that explore the myths and corresponding mythology about dwarves and dwarf culture. Each story deals with a different aspect of dwarf culture with personalities and situations as unique as the humans you meet every day.


Cover art credit should go to Ben Falco.

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