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A collection of tales told in the old mythic style or set in ancient times, with fairies, monsters and daring deeds. From dark fantasy worlds to the legendary past of our own, myths and legends abound.

Book #1: Beneath the Knowe – Anthea Sharp

Book #2: Tales of Erana – A. L. Butcher

Book #3: A Sword’s Poem – Leah Cutter

Book #4: On the Edge of Faerie -Stefon Mears

Book #5: Sorcha’s Heart – Debbie Mumford

Book #6: Tales Fabulous and Fairy Volume 1 – Kim Antieau

Book #7: Tempus – Janet Morris

Book #8: Caught in Amber – J.M. Ney-Grimm

Book #9: Warden of Power – Karen L. Abrahamson

Book #10: Beautiful – Barbara G. Tarn

Book #11: Lost: Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries (Book 1) -Ron Vitale

Book #12: Tales of the Faie: The Beginning of Days – Diana L. Wicker

Book #13: Angels and Djinn, Book 1: Raziel’s Shadow – Joseph Robert Lewis

Book #14: Magic for a Rainy Day – Alexandra Brandt


Mythic Tales