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1) Tell us a little about yourself.
My name was Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d’Armont, or as I preferred, simply Charlotte Corday. I was born in 1768, in France to a minor aristocratic family and lived during the French Revolution.

Like everyone else at that time, I got caught up in the fervor of politics and sympathized with the Girondin movement who were singled out for persecution by the leader of the Jacobin’s, Jean-Paul Marat. I decided to do something about that, and visited his home on the pretext of providing valuable information to help him advance his witch hunt. Once we were alone, I stabbed him whilst he was in the bath and ended up being labeled, l’ange de l’assassinat, the angel of the assassination.

Not long after, I was executed by guillotine.

After I arrived in hell I found it hard to adjust. Like many people sentenced to an eternity of condemnation, I went off the rails. Unfortunately, my behavior attracted the wrong sort of attention. I had a number of ill-advised run-ins with injustice, pissed off the wrong people and was subjected to permanent disfigurement as an incentive to shut up and switch on.

One side of my face now looks like withered, dried-up parchment while the other has been enhanced to look stunningly attractive. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Undertaker thought it would be fun to join the two sides with huge great brass surgical staples. That makes smiling or any form of facial expression a whole load of fun, so I’ve embraced the style and use gothic makeup and Ombre lipstick.
Make the best of a bad situation, wouldn’t you say?

2) Tell us why you’re embarking on this adventure?
I don’t have much choice. It would seem the Reaper is on the hunt for new bounty hunters and I’m the only one of those who took his fancy that made the grade.

3) Do you have a moral code? If so what might it be
When I worked for myself as an assassin, I made sure my client base knew I was totally professional. Hell might be filled with the dregs of humanity, but when it came to my art, I didn’t cut corners, kill off-book, or double-cross my patrons. I had a one hundred percent record of successful executions. I think that’s one of the reasons Daemon…er, the Reaper, took an interest in me.
Of course, now I’ve been ordained into the Ancient Disorder of Hell Hounds, I follow their creed:
“I swear to do my utmost to be guided by the Laws of Lucifer, and to protect and defend the most despicable Doctrines of the Devil. I will endeavor to pursue all enemies of the state throughout the length and breadth of the Sheolspace continuum and do my damnedest to execute both them and my duty without fear of favor, or hope of reprieve, until the morning star decrees otherwise.”

4) What is your world like? How does it differ to mine?
What do you think? It’s a kill or be killed, swallow you up and spit you out in pieces hellhole that likes to rub your face in your inadequacies every day. That’s why I decided to embrace the very thing I was condemned for. Everyone and everything is out to get you, so I decided to become a mistress of death.

5) Who is your greatest friend?
I don’t have any friends. This is hell, you can’t trust anyone. Though I must admit, since joining the Pack, I’ve taken a bit of a shine to Champ Ferguson. He’s an out and out rogue and as blunt as they come, but…I don’t know, he’s refreshingly straight to the point.
However, now you’ve got me thinking how lonely it must be for Daemon himself…?

6) Who is your greatest enemy
Just about anyone who walks, talks and breaths here in hell. And that includes those denizens and entities who don’t. It’s a dog eat dog underworld, and I’m top of the foodchain now. Watch out bitches, my bite is worse than my bark.

7) What is your greatest skill/asset
I can influence the minds of animals and insects…and sometimes larger prey too. That might sound like it’s a rather useless skill, but believe me, I’ve turned that to my advantage…as you’ll see in Hell Hounds.

8) What is your greatest weakness (we won’t tell).
I have a tendency to speak my mind. Not a wise thing to do with Hellion authorities. Look what they did to my face. I’m stuck like this forever.

9) How would you describe yourself?
Now I’m a Hell Hound? – To die for. Here’s a picture, what do you think?


10) Do you believe in God?
I do and I hate him. A part of me wishes Chopin and Tesla were successful in dropping the Veil so I could get a chance to stick him with my knives and damn the consequences.

11) If you could have three wishes what would they be?
To be with Daemon for all infernity.
To work my way up to Lead Hell Hound.
And perhaps one day, to get my face back.

12) Tell us about your greatest achievement.
Without a doubt, being the first woman to qualify for the Ancient Disorder of Hell Hounds.

Books in which this character appears:
Hell Hounds – Hell Gate.

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