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 Mythic Tales box set

Box Set Title Mythic Tales Bundle

Title and Author

Book #1:

Beneath the Knowe – Anthea Sharp

Book #2:

Tales of Erana – A. L. Butcher

Book #3:

A Sword’s Poem – Leah Cutter

Book #4:

On the Edge of Faerie -Stefon Mears

Book #5:

Sorcha’s Heart – Debbie Mumford

Book #6:

Tales Fabulous and Fairy Volume 1 – Kim Antieau

Book #7:

Tempus – Janet Morris

Book #8:

Caught in Amber – J.M. Ney-Grimm

Book #9:

Warden of Power – Karen L. Abrahamson

Book #10:

Beautiful – Barbara G. Tarn

Book #11

Lost: Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries (Book 1) -Ron Vitale

Book #12:

Tales of the Faie: The Beginning of Days – Diana L. Wicker

Book #13

Angels and Djinn, Book 1: Raziel’s Shadow – Joseph Robert Lewis

Book #14:

Magic for a Rainy Day – Alexandra Brandt

Genre Fantasy/Mythic

Publisher Bundlerabbit

Book Blurb

A collection of tales…

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