Book Spotlight – Fantasy for Young Readers Bundle #Fantasy


Title: Fantasy for Young Readers Bundle

Titles Included:

  1. How to Babysit a Changeling by Anthea Sharp
  2. Chameleon: The Awakening by Maggie Faire
  3. Dolphin Knight by Robert Jeschonek
  4. Thunderbird by Deb Logan
  5. Kissed by Fire by Katharina Gerlach
  6. Hunt: An Urban Faery Tale by Leslie Claire Walker
  7. Thief of Sparks by Eric K. Edstrom
  8. Kelpie Curse by Roz Marshall
  9. The Dead Sister by Leah Cutter
  10. One Bad Wish by Bonnie Elizabeth
  11. A Sudden Outbreak of Magic by Michael Jasper
  12. The Black Opal by Linda Jordan

Curator: Debbie Mumford

Genre: Fantasy

Brief Description: Magic! Mystery! Adventure! What more could a young reader want? Open any of these twelve tales and discover new worlds and potential new realities.

Why should readers buy this book? This bundle is a great deal! A dozen fascinating novels for young readers … all for one low price!

Links etc. – Fantasy For Young Readers


Presale 11th November – On Sale 18th November.

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