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Image 25-12-2017 at 13.47As regular readers of, and visitors to, this website will know, fantasy is not a genre usually reviewed. However, the author A. L. Butcher kindly interviewed T. R. Robinson and it was considered only fair, and a way to show appreciation, to read one of her books. It must be made clear this was not a requirement for the interview; as said it was simply seen as a means for showing gratitude.

Tales of Erana is a short story collection: thought better this than a full length novel as it is not a genre readily taken to and may have struggled with a full length book.

There is a good mix of tales. Some are ‘feel good’ whereas others are dark and troubled. The variety is well achieved to hold the reader’s interest. Moral undertones are frequently encountered as are clear, realistic, observances upon the human condition which are readily…

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