Swift Six Character Interview – Wolfgang – Vampires

Name? Wolfgang Feuerleiben – At least that is the name I am currently using.

Which book/world do you live in? So Many Nights, So Many Sins – part of the Nightly Bites II anthology

Tell us about yourself: I am a vampire, a ‘companion-in-darkness’ as some of my more idiotic acquaintances call us. I am a monster, a killer, a blood-drinker. I have lived for centuries – how many I am not quite sure. After a while the nights all seem much the same, history repeats itself and ennui becomes a constant companion. A human woman told me I am depressed, bored, cynical. All those things are true, but wouldn’t you be after so long?

How do you see your world? My world is long, dark and full of blood and death. Mortals die, often. Vampires die – often at my hand. I am not an avenging angel, far from it but I don’t like loose ends, or inconvenient questions. We call mortals ‘thrill-seekers’ – at least those who aren’t directly dinner. There is a class of mortal who thinks it’s ‘cool’ to hang out with the undesirables, the undead, the damned. They don’t really know what we are, or what it means to be a vampire. I’ve put enough of the poor creatures out of their misery to have lost count. Being a vampire means a constant hunger, a need for blood, and a life at the fringes. A life alone, most of the time. Vampires generally don’t like other vampires – predators tend to be solitary; except our friends the wolves, but they are largely gone. One gets to look on the human world as an outsider – it’s interesting at first, like looking at ants, but it soon becomes tiresome, then ridiculous. There is so much lost potential, and that’s the same with most vampires. Throw off the shackles of mortality and one can achieve anything given enough time. Most vampires try desperately to adhere to their long-gone human morals, rules and ideas. And every single one fails.

What part do you play in this tale? I am the bringer of death, the harbinger of doom, but you might say I get the girl.

Do you consider yourself a good person/creature? You jest? I am not sure I was ever a ‘good’ person, even as a mortal. I may have thought that was the case, long ago but I doubt it now. I have killed hundreds, waded through rivers of blood. I have murdered for food, protection, out of boredom. I have stolen, corrupted, lied, committed adultery, I have lain with man and woman. There are six hundred plus sins in the Bible and I have committed several hundred of them. The rest are either down-right silly or impossible. So formulate the answer am I a good person…

Do you follow any religion? God abandoned me long ago, and I him. I am not saying he doesn’t exist – but if he does he’d not who he says he is.

What is your favourite colour/food/music (pick one)? Well that was a change of direction in the questions. Favourite colour – orange; favourite food – the blood of vampires; favourite music – the sound of fire.


Links to book:

 Universal Link https://books2read.com/b/bQBDB0

Paperback http://amzn.to/2FRNBI1


Five characters interviews from vampires in this book.




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