Dirty Dozen Author Interview – Ann Stratton – Here Be Ghosts Bundle

Author name: Ann Stratton

  1. Please tell us about your publications.

Some of my other stories include:

A Note From Santiago

A Burning Rainbow Man


Ayesha and the Teaching Woman

A Soldier Travels

Monday is Winter

Freak Sanctuary

Delta City

Gutter Ball

Close Encounters, a collection of short stories

Mistaken Identities, a collection of short stories

My Little I, a collection of short stories

Loose Marbles, a collection of short stories

Interested readers might check with Smashwords or Draft 2 Digital to see what else I’ve published. Ignore the craft and cookbooks. My namesakes are busy (and creative!) women.

  1. What first prompted you to publish your work?

Harvey Stanbrough, one of our semi-local professionals who was getting into e-publishing at the time, convinced me to give Smashwords a try, and later Draft2Digital.

  1. What have you found the most challenging part of the process?

The publishing end. I’d prefer to just write, but to get my work out where someone else can read it requires spending way too much time on the Internet.

  1. Are you a ‘pantser’ or a ‘plotter’?

Pantser, definitely. Any other method makes me over think to the point of paralysis.

  1. What piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you started your publishing journey?

Just write the story. Follow the characters and write down what they say and do, and otherwise stay out of it.

  1. How do you deal with bad reviews?

Since I’ve only gotten one review, good or bad, I can’t really say… But I’m gonna do my very best to stay away from them.

  1. Sort these into order of importance:

Great characters

Good plot

Awesome world-building

Technically perfect

  1. How much research do you do for your work? What’s the wildest subject you’ve looked at?

Pretty much my entire life has been research. I use my own learning and experience to base my stories on. Everything I see and hear and experience becomes reference material.

Other than that… I may do some side reading on whatever I’m writing about at the moment. I enjoy the sciences as a tourist – I window shop but don’t buy, especially the human-related ones.

  1. What’s the best advice you’ve received about writing/publishing?

Just write the next word. Just do it.

  1. What’s the worst piece best advice you’ve received about writing/publishing?

Anything the little voices in my head tell me. We won’t get into that.

  1. What is your writing space like?

It’s our front spare bedroom, used as an office. It’s a cluttered mess, as I also use it for keeping my craft stash, and the whole assembly just might fall on me someday, like Fibber McGee and Molly’s closet.

  1. Tell us about your latest piece?

It appears to be a coming of age piece, as the heroine travels the world finding her destiny. I can see three options and I won’t know which one will apply until I get to the end of it.

At the immediate moment, her pants have split and her shoes have fallen apart, and some idiot keeps poking her with a stick.

Ann features in:

Here Be Ghosts Bundle




Amazon https://amzn.to/2NP1nCN

I books https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1436455347

Nook http://bit.ly/2NoYzwA


Ghosts bundle cover UPDATED

Myth, Monsters and Mayhem Volume 6

Who are they? What are they? The souls of the long departed, or wicked manifestations of sin?

Tales of ghosts and spectres have enthralled us since time began. From ghostly servants, spectral possession, a space-going ghostbuster, to Halloween horrors, wicked toads and missing children these tales bring chills and thrills.

Ancient horrors, long-dead rockers, family secrets and helpful murder victims join them in providing the shivers and the quivers.

Dare you venture with the dead-walking.

13 tales of spooks, lost souls, and weird adventures.

Communication Breakdown – Dayle A. Dermatis

Alfred Lets Loose – Linda Jordan

Seventh – Debbie Mumford

Crossing the Naiad – J.M. Ney-Grimm

Full Circle – Kate MacLeod

Roadside Ghosts: A Collection of Horror and Dark Fantasy – Steve Vernon

The Palace – Leah Cutter

A Burning Rainbow Man – Ann Straton

The Whole World for Each – Kate MacLeod

The Queen of Toads – Joe Bonadonna

Ghosts and Ghoulies – Deb Logan

The Secret of Blossom Rise: A Ghost Story

The Popcorn Thief – Leach Cutter


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