Here Be More Magic Bundle

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In a Paris riddled by old, new, and wild magic, a rule-breaking ex-pat guards magical artifacts from newly rampant jewel thieves. But when uniquely disruptive magic thwarts his latest job, he must track the unusual sorcery to its source…

On a moon with duels, sorcerers, and magic-driven spaceships, a small-time wizard and helioship pilot teams up with a master duelist to fight the corrupt great families who oppress everyone not of their order.

A mourning bootmaker, a street urchin, and a renegade priest plot to steal magic back from the six kingdoms that hoard it, but such a theft might require that they slay a god.

A dashing young suitor seeks the missing—and dangerously powerful—rowan wand as the price to win the hand of his beloved from her reluctant parents. Given that the most skilled wizards and warlocks in the world have failed at this task, his chances seem slim…

Here Be More Magic features 13 tales of wizards, seers, healers, and witches wielding magic of every kind.

Magician’s Choice                                Stefon Mears

The Clockwork Alice                             DeAnna Knippling

Livli’s Gift                                              J.M. Ney-Grimm

Sleight of Mind                                    Stefon Mears

Independent by Means of Magic        Kari Kilgore

The Witching License                           Danielle Williams

No Magic in the World                        Dayle A. Dermatis

Lunar Alchemy                                     Stefon Mears

The Harps of the Six Kingdoms           Leah Cutter

The Blessings Bridge                            Chrissy Wissler

Disrupt Magic                                      Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Spirit Child                                    Alison Naomi Holt

Dreams of a Radiant Sentry                Chrissy Wissler

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