Swift Six Author Interview – Abigail Manning #Fantasy

Name: Abigail Manning

Please introduce yourself (250 words or so):

Hello! I’m Abigail Manning and I’m a wife, nanny, and romantic fantasy author of a sered of retold fairy tales. I began writing in July of 2021 and have since fallen in love with it. When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time with my quirky pets and baking horrifically unhealthy (but delicious!) treats. Although it feels like writing is my full-time job, I actually have worked in childcare for over eight years now and have the priveldge of spending my mornings caring for an adorable set of siblings. Life is certainly never dull between toddler wrangling and story crafting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tell us about your book(s) – title, genre etc (short)

Currently, I have three books available for order/pre-order that are a part of The Emerald Realm Series which is a set of romantic fairy tale retellings based in a fantasy realm.

When did you start your writing adventure? What was the inspiration for it?

I only started officially writing in July of 2021, but always had ambitions to write stories someday. The final inspiration that stirred my ambitions to life was actually reading children’s fairy tales to the kids I nanny and wondering if I could rewrite them for an older audience. As the time the kids were reading the story of goldilocks and I just felt inspired to try and retell it from new eyes.

What writing plans do you have for the future?

I am currently working on my second and third romantic fantasy series simultaneously! I hope to continue producing books for as long as I have stories to bring to life.

What do you like to read?

Unsurprisingly, I enjoy reading fairy tale retellings! It’s always fascinating to read another author’s take on the original tale, I never seem to tire of it!

What piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you’d started your writing adventure?

Don’t keep it to yourself! When I first started I was too shy to tell anyone other than my immediate friends and family, and found out later that I would have really benefited from sharing about my stories even before publishing them.

Author bio and book synopsis

Abigail Manning is a wife, nanny, and author of YA romance. She resides with her husband, Marcus, in the beautiful state of Tennessee. In school, she studied both Early Childhood Development and Theatre Arts, both of which aided in the development of her Emerald Realm series, based off of retold fairy tales. Abigail has always adored working with young children and drawing inspiration from their creativity. Her stories are geared towards young adults, but inspired off of children’s tales. She greatly enjoys the challenge of reinventing stories that most readers grew up with. She has only recently begun her career in writing, but already has growing ambitions revolving around her blossoming stories.

Synopsis- Poisoned Heart:A Retelling of Snow White

Princess Arabella is truly the fairest in all the land, and she knows it. With her pretty face, elaborate ball gowns, and glorious castle, she truly lives the perfect royal life. That is, until she is forced out of her home by a mysterious assassin.
With only the clothes on her back and the tiara on her head, Arabella flees from her castle in the dead of winter. As a last resort for shelter, Arabella takes up work in a laundry mill with seven other women. The once adored princess is now subjected to sleeping in piles of dirty laundry, but at least she is hidden. Well, she hopes so…
In the midst of her deadly game of hide-and-seek, she discovers that her kingdom is endangered by her absence. With the help of a dashing captain, a quirky noble, and her seven new companions, she must protect both her life and her kingdom. Will Arabella learn what true beauty is as she navigates her new life as a nameless commoner? While evil builds and secrets unfold, there may be more than her heart that’s poisoned.


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